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What Makes Anglapro?


At Anglapro we started our design process by contemplating you! What seats would you prefer to sit in, how would you like your dash laid out, what fishabilty needs do you have? From there we got started on building a good hull. So in short we built the boats backwards starting from the driver seat and finishing with the hull. So the result is love at first sight with the layout, then you get in and head for the horizon and it’s all smiles because the boats just perform in all conditions!

We keep our hulls simple by design. We know a hull must achieve 4 main results:

1) Plane easily with minimal hole shot effort

2) Corner comfortably

3) Offer stability at rest

4) Be comfortable underway though choppy seas

Manufacturers have often focussed on one aspect of these 4 areas and made a mess of the other 3 in order to have a marketing pitch on their hull. Overall, our hulls achieve a tick of approval in each category. Individually our hulls slide up and down the scale for each of the 4 categories for example a Bandit will score higher in comfort underway than an Outlaw but an Outlaw will score higher points in stability at rest than the Bandit. Each hull has an individual purpose for their use so we apply a different approach to their designs.